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Bovine Proteins from New Zealand - Supplements for Cell Culture  

While bovine protein products have been routinely used in mammalian cell culture for many years, concern has recently increased about the risk of viral and microbial contamination.  New Zealand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) has developed a rigorous system of controls to minimize those risks and ensure that imported and exported products are disease-free.  MP Biomedicals – New Zealand sources and purifies bovine proteins completely within this system, yielding products with the best risk mitigation.  Our facility is certified by MAF, documenting the efficacy of the procedures to maintain our disease-free status.


MP Biomedicals – New Zealand assurance of best risk mitigation:

  • New Zealand sourced raw materials having negligible BSE risk
  • EDQM certification as BSE-free.
  • Free of BSE and List A animal diseases
  • Monitoring for microbial contamination throughout the purification process
  • Virus testing according to 9CFR
  • ISO 9000:2008 quality system
  • cGMP certified facility

Bovine proteins from MP Biomedicals – New Zealand are chromatographically purified, preserving the native structure and functionality of the proteins. Traditional methods of isolation use heat and/or organic solvents, which denature the proteins and modify the functionality.  The chart below illustrates the superior performance of MP-New Zealand albumin compared to the other methods.  Please also see the article by Dr. Joe Montalto reviewing the effect of purification methodology on functionality.