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Safeguard your employees' health with the trusted radiation monitoring service from MP Dosimetry


At MP Dosimetry we believe nothing is more important than your health, especially when it comes to radiation safety. MP Dosimetry offers over 40 years of expertise in radiation exposure measurement and monitoring within the medical, dental, government and security industries. Our industry standard TLD-XBGN dosimeters will give you the peace of mind knowing your health is always being monitored safely and accurately.


MP Dosimetry is also committed to providing your organization with the most reliable protection while adhering to mandated government regulations and the best value for NVLAP Accredited (Lab Code: 100512-0) monitoring services.


Let us be your solution for health monitoring and compliance with state and federal regulatory standards.







Here's What You Can Expect From MP Dosimetry:

◈ Competitive pricing
◈ FREE dose reports
◈ FREE shipping
◈ In-house, customer care service
◈ NVLAP Accreditation
◈ ISO 9001:2015 Certification




No Hidden Fees!
◈ No cancellation or maintenance fees
◈ No deletion/changes to wearer fees
◈ No fees to track and ship badges
◈ No fees for duplicate reports, termination reports or NRC-5 forms
◈ No fees for email notifications






Please remit payments to: MP Biomedicals, LLC •  PO Box 74008447 •  Chicago, IL 60674-8447


MP Dosimetry, a division of MP Biomedicals