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Biological buffers from the eMPowered Raw Materials portfolio

MP Biomedicals is pleased to announce the addition of  Bis-Tris Propane, a new set of biological buffers to its eMPowered Raw Materials portfolio.

Bis-Tris Propane has been proven to be highest in purity and quality attributes in the market.

These new buffers are available in the following powder lots and grades:

Bis-Tris Propane is manufactured and packaged by MP Biomedicals under ISO9001:2008 quality system.


Why partner with MP Biomedicals for your Biopharma and IVD manufacturing needs?

Regulatory guidelines have become more strict and now place the risk management responsibility on drug and IVD manufacturers. MP Biomedicals Biological buffers provide supply chain transparency, reliability and sustainability and are available to match customers exact manufacturing and research requirements.



  • Manufactured in state of the art facility
  • Scalable to fit manufacturing needs and schedule
  • Manufacturing transparency (Documentation for each lot)
  • Highest purity available in the industry
  • Repackaged in a non-animal cleanroom
  • Extensive regulatory documention
  • Continuous availability
  • Continuos high quality 
  • Testing capabilities
  • Stability of product for ease of storage


Enhanced Quality Documentation includes:

  • Product Specification
  • Certificate of Origin
  • BSE/TSE Statement
  • Melamine Statement
  • Shelf Life Statement
  • GHS Compliant (M)SDS
  • Supply Chain Information




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With our eMPowered Raw Materials, you can minimize the risk management responsibility on drug and IVD manufacturers, while saving time and money!

MP Biomedicals also has the capability to deliver a range of Biological buffers used in cell culture media. Researchers use our buffers in the purification of antibodies, peptides, proteins and blood components.