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Nov 03, 2018

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AutoBlot System 20 - AutoScan PRO: The perfect combo for performing immunoblot assay
A fully automated, self-contained instrument for performing Immunoblot Assay with the new generation in Immunoblot analysis software.
AutoBlot System 20
The AutoBlot System 20 fully automates the Western Blot assay. Following the manual addition of test samples, the AutoBlot System 20 incubates, washes and performs subsequent reagent additions as defined by the operator during the programming phase. It permits easy setup with walk-away performace, sounding an alarm when the test is complete.

The AutoBlot System 20 is fully programmable from the from panel and will store up to ten protocols within the unit, allowing for full customization of blot assays for dispense, incubation and aspiration.
AutoScan PRO
The AutoScan PRO is an independent platform that reads image data of immunological strips from a scanner into the software. With its efficient image recognition and unrivaled band detection and interpretation, it standardizes your evaluation results. A high throughput and increased efficiency is facilitated by easy integration with the LIS, reduced manual data entry and reliable archiving options.

With the highly sensitive and correct band detection you achieve precise linking of the detected bands to the ones of the reference strip.