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RapidGene-12™: The rapid and agile solution for DNA and RNA purification

Flexible- 1-12 samples with protocols easily downloaded and installed via USB

Economical- reduced service costs

Reliable- reproducible results from sample to sample

Reduced contamination- integral UV decontamination

Sample tracking- bar code reader

Easy to handle- intuitive software design

High sample input volumes possible - cell separation protocols compatible

RapidGene-12™ is a compact, automated nucleic acid purification instrument for the extraction and purification of high quality DNA and RNA based on magnetic bead technology.

RapidGene-12™ utilizes innovative technology for the purification of nucleic acids from a variety of specimen types. RapidGene-12 reduces time and effort at an affordable price and it's low service needs make it compact and robust enough for routine daily lab work. The intuitive touch screen software gets you up and running within minutes. The interchangeable pump/tip assembly and our unique chemistry allow variable sample input volumes. The novel self-contained pipetting system is disposable and, coupled with integrated UV-decontamination, provides the confidence of a contamination free interior. Our full line of kits include all reagents and are supplied in convenient single-sample cartridges. There is also programs and kits available for purified cell separation applications.

RapidGene-12™ is a new solution from the FastPrep® Family products

Products included in this offer:

SKU Product Name Size Promo List Price Sale Price Availability Quantity
117012600 MP Rapid Viral Total Nucleic Acid Kit 1 kit - $2,273.05 - 3-5 days from Order
117012200 MP RapidDNA Kit for Blood 200 1 kit - $1,604.45 - 3-5 days from Order
117012500 MP RapidDNA Kit for Blood 500 1 kit - $2,139.25 - 3-5 days from Order
117012300 MP RapidDNA Kit for Feces 1 kit - $1,738.20 - 3-5 days from Order
117012400 MP RapidDNA Kit for Microbes 1 kit - $1,470.80 - Discontinued-Inquire
117012400 MP RapidDNA Kit for Microbes 1 kit - $1,470.80 - Discontinued-Inquire
117012100 MP RapidDNA Kit for Tissue, Cells and Saliva 1 kit - $2,182.95 - 3-5 days from Order
117012700 MP RapidRNA Kit for Cells 1 kit - $1,871.90 - 3-5 days from Order