FastPrep® Lysis Beads & Matrix Tubes for Sample Disruption
Lysing Beads - Matrix G
Tubes contain 1.6 mm silicon carbide granules and 2 mm glass beads. For isolation of intact organelles, and super-molecular structures, breaking yeast polysaccharide capsules, hyphae infected tissue, tissues with brittle cell walls, fungal spores; where high impaction but low shearing is necessary.
Plant and Animal Tissues | Yeast and Fungi | (including spores)
Lysing Beads - Matrix G Tube Sizes
Lysing Matrix G, 2 mL Tube

Each impact-resistant 2 mL tube contains 1.6 mm Silicon Carbide particles and 2 mm Glass Beads. Matrix G tubes have brown caps. Silicon carbide has relatively low density and high strength and hardness, and therefore is effective at breaking tough, hard, or brittle cell membranes. This is useful in applications such as isolation of intact organelles, and super-molecular structures where lysis conditions necessitate high impaction but low shearing. The 1 mm glass beads are effective at breaking pathogen...

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