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When working with seeds, not only are you concerned about the difficulty in lysing such tough samples, but also if you can extract enough DNA or RNA. But with the FastPrep® system, you are guaranteed high yields and high quality nucleic acids every time.
Solutions for Sample Prep Challenges from Seeds
The FastPrep® Instruments and FastDNA™ Plant & Seed Kits isolate DNA from seed samples through a purification process that eliminates PCR inhibitors, polyphenols/tannins, and polysaccharides. Organic denaturants or proteinases are not needed with this procedure. Purified, inhibitor-free DNA is eluted in an EDTA-free, DNA elution solution, and is ready for downstream applications including digestion, electrophoresis,arrays and PCR (A260/A280 ratios = 1.8). Scalable adapters allow for sample processing ranging from 1-100 mg for the 2 mL tubes, up to multi-gram samples for the 50 mL tubes.

Lane 1-2: Corn Kernel; Lane 3-4: Sunflower Seed

Isolate High-Quality Nucleic Acids from Seeds

Seeds are notoriously tough to lyse, due to brittle seed coats and hard cotoledyon inside. The seed coats often contain tannins that inhibit PCR. The inner seed material contains starches and lipids that can foam and make lysis difficult.

The high power of the FastPrep® System quickly and effeciently lyses tough seed samples and used in conjunction with FastDNA and FastRNA Spin kits thoroughly removes PCR inhibitors allowing for a one-stop solution to your seed sample prep needs.

Typical Seed Sample Recommendations
Sample Name Sample Type Quantity Lysing Matrix FastPrep® Speed FastPrep® Time
Alpowa Wheat Seed 100 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Classic Oat Seed 100 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Corn Seed 100 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Kaybonnet Rice Seed 100 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Oat FL 502 Seed 100 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Soybean Seed 100 mg A 6.0 40 sec
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Purification Kits SKU Free Sample (Availability)
FastDNA™ Plant & Seed Kits 119696600 N/A
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