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The difficulty with root DNA and RNA extraction is the toughness and starchiness. Roots are very fibrous and contain high levels of polyphenolic compounds and polysaccharides, and it can be extremely difficult to extract enough usable DNA or RNA for PCR analysis and other downstream applications. The FastDNA™ Kit, FastDNA™ Spin Kit, FastRNA™ Pro Green Kit and FastDNA™-96 Plant and Seed DNA Kit, coupled with the FastPrep® Instruments make it fast and simple!
Sample Preparation Challenge-Lysis of Tough Roots
The FastPrep® System, with optional large volume adapters and lysing matrix tubes, is the perfect sample preparation system for the extraction and purification of nucelic acids and proteins from roots. There are many challenges during sample preparation of roots due to fibrous tissue and an abundance of PCR inhibitors. Even very starchy root samples are quickly and efficiently lysed with FastPrep®. The FastDNA™ Spin Kit for Plant and Animal Tissue effectively removes PCR inhibitors such as tannins, humic substances, polyphenols, and polysaccarhides and results in pure DNA that is ready for a host of downstream operations with no further purification necessary. The FastPrep Systems can also be used to isolate nucleic acids and proteins from plant pathogens such as bacteria, yeast, fungi, and invasive cysts and spores.

RNA extraction from Cassava storage roots; samples contain 0.32 µg/µl-110µg/µl RNA FastPrep® settings: Speed 6.0 for 60s Lysing Matrix A with additional ceramic 1/4" bead

Case Study - siRNA Isolation from Cassava Roots

Cassava root (Manihot esculenta), is a major annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions. Its starchy tuberous root is a one of major sources of carbohydrates for human consumption, especially in Africa. Due to the root complex matrix structure which results in strong and starchy mechanical properties, sample homogenization and lysis of Cassava with classical methods is a cumbersome and unreliable process which typically yields small amounts of RNA. Cassava root RNA was extracted in sufficient quantities after successful lysis in only 60 seconds using the FastPrep-24® system and associated matrices.

Typical Root Sample Recommendations
Sample Name Sample Type Quantity Lysing Matrix FastPrep Speed FastPrep Time
Crest Barley Root 300 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Klages Barley Root 300 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Tam Wheat Root 80 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Cassava Root 300 mg A + extra ball 6.0 60 sec
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FastDNA™ Kit 116540400 N/A
FastDNA™ Spin Kit 116540600
FastRNA™ Pro Green Kit 116045050 N/A
FastDNA™-96 Plant and Seed DNA Kit 119696600 N/A
FastDNA™ Spin Kit for Plant and Animal Tissue 116540800 N/A
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