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FastPrep®: the ultimate grinding method for hair analysis
Hair analysis is a widely used tool in forensic investigations. Microscopic comparison of hair collected from two different places is also used to determine if the hairs are from the same person or animal. Chemical assays are used to assess the use of illegal drugs or alcohol, to screen for the presence of heavy metals in the body, and to test for nutritional deficiencies. In addition, DNA contained in the root of the hair cells can be used for DNA analyses.
Prior to analysis, cutting the hair with scissors is a very time-consuming process, especially with regard to the increasing number of samples. Pulverizing the hair with the FastPrep® instrument not only saves an enormous amount of time but also leads to more homogenous matrices.
Forensics specialized customers are using the FastPrep® routinely
"We successfully use the FastPrep-24™ instrument since many years for the sample preparation of hairs, together with the TallPrep adapter and corresponding 4.5 ml tubes. This system is successfully used for the grinding of hair samples as part of the pre-analysis step in both clinical and forensic toxicology, to obtain constant hair-grinding quality even for high sample throughput. This system has proven itself to be robust and reliable for fast and high-quality sample preparation, and guarantees certainty in the forensic analysis context with the single-use TallPrep tubes."
Dr. Nadulski, Department of Forensic and Clinical Toxicology, Labor Krone GbR, Germany
Case study: retrospective determination of previous alcohol consumption
A classical hair testing is the Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) analysis, a well-established method for the retrospective determination of previous alcohol consumption. In this context, Albermann et al. recently reported that the determined EtG concentrations depend on the grinding process and that the FastPrep-24™ homogenizer used in combination with steel balls allows thorough simultaneous grinding of up to 24 hair samples (75mg each). In addition, measured EtG concentrations are significantly higher when analyzing FastPrep® pulverized versus cut hair samples.

Fig.: Hair samples (75 mg) cut with scissors (A) and ground with the FastPrep-24™ using 4 steel balls 2*1 min at speed 6.0 m/s (B)1

Typical FastPrep-24™ Hair Homogenization for Toxicology Analysis

Add uncut hair samples to 15 ml Lysing Matrix Tubes containing eight 1/4" ceramic banded satellites and four 1/8" stainless steel beads Process with FastPrep-24™ homogenizer at Speed 6 m/s for 2 x 50 s cycles at room temperature with the optional TeenPrep™ Sample Holder Add MeOH to the resulting fine powder for drug/drug metabolite extraction

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Musshoff F., Brockmann C., Madea B., Rosendahl W. and Dario Piombino-Mascali D. Ethyl Glucuronide Findings in Hair Samples from the Mummies of the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo. Forensic Science International, Available online 8 August 2013