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Food can be very tough to extract high-quality DNA or RNA, especially when dealing with frozen samples. With the FastDNA Kit, FastDNA Spin Kit, and FastRNA Pro Green Kit, you can quickly and efficiently isolate DNA and RNA that are ready for PCR analysis and other downstream applications.
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Solutions for Sample Prep Challenges from Food

The FastPrep® System, with optional large volume adapters and lysing matrix tubes, is the perfect sample preparation system for the extraction and purification of nucleic acids and proteins from food samples. Foods are notoriously difficult to lyse, especially when frozen, and usually in a food testing lab, there are many samples that need to be processed quickly. Muscle and connective tissue in meats, fibrous tissue in vegetables and fruits, tough seedcoats of grains, and high lipid content in milk, all these samples are quickly and efficiently lysed with FastPrep®.

The FastDNA™ Spin Kit for Plant and Animal Tissue provides PCR ready DNA from the food host organism, while the FastDNA™ Spin Kit and FastRNA™ Spin Kits provide nucleic acid extraction from common food contaminating organisms such as bacteria, yeast, fungi, and invasive cysts and spores.

Homogenize Food Samples for Other Downstream Applications

The FastPrep® System with the TeenPrep™ and BigPrep™ adapters make quick work of large, and difficult to homogenize food samples such as chocolate, cheeses, grains and cereals. Brittle foodstuffs like dried spices, as well a gummy products containing pectins and glutens can be easily solubilized for food quality testings such as free-fatty acid determination and total glycerins. The FastPrep® is the perfect sample preparation system for food quality testing platforms like MP Bio's Saftest™ Instruments and can also be used for analysis of biofuel feedstock.

Typical Food Sample Recommendations
Sample Name Sample Type Quantity Lysing Matrix FastPrep Speed FastPrep Time
Alpowa Wheat Seed 100 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Classic Oat Seed 100 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Kaybonnet Rice Seed 100 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Soybean Seed 100 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Corn Seed 100 mg A 6.0 40 sec
Oat FL 502 Seed 100 mg A 6.0 40 sec
FastPrep Kits & Instruments
Purification Kits SKU Free Sample (Availability)
FastDNA™ Kit 116540400 N/A
FastDNA™ Spin Kit 116540600
FastDNA™ Spin Kit for Plant and Animal Tissue 116540800 N/A
FastRNA Pro Green Kit 116045050 N/A
FastRNA™ Spin Kit 116020050 N/A
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