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Quickly Extract the Cleanest DNA and RNA from the Dirtiest Sample of All
With so many PCR inhibitors and a myriad of contaminants, fecal samples are some of the difficult to extract pure DNA or RNA for analysis or other applications. The FastDNA™ Spin Kit for Feces and the FastRNA™ Spin Kit for Microbes' technologies are optimal to get high quality yields of genomic, bacterial, parasite and viral DNA from feces.
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Ms. Madhu Sheba Priyadarshini, graduate student from Oklahoma State University

Sample Prep Fecal Solution-A 5 minute Video
You Need a Fecal Solution, MP SamplePrep

The FastDNA® SPIN Kit for Feces quickly and efficiently isolates PCR-ready genomic DNA from fresh or frozen human and animal stool samples. Designed for use with the FastPrep® Instruments from MP Biomedicals; host cells as well as bacteria, fungi, viruses, protists and other cells present in fecal samples are easily lysed within 40 seconds. These benchtop devices use a unique, optimized motion to homogenize samples by multidirectional, simultaneous impaction with lysing matrix particles.

FastPrep® Instruments provide an extremely quick, efficient and highly reproducible homogenization that surpasses traditional extraction methods using enzymatic digestion, sonication, blending, douncing and vortexing. Samples are placed into 2.0 ml tubes containing Lysing Matrix E, a mixture of ceramic and silica particles designed to efficiently lyse all stool organisms. Stool samples are pre-treated by washing in a Pre-Lysis Buffer. Homogenization in the FastPrep® Instrument with Lysing Matrix E takes place in the presence of MT Buffer andSodium Phosphate Buffer. The pre-lysing and lysing reagents were carefully developed to eliminate contaminants and to protect and solubilize nucleic acids upon cell lysis. These reagents work together to facilitate extraction of genomic DNA with minimal RNA or humic acid contamination.

Following lysis, samples are centrifuged to pellet debris and lysing matrix. DNA is purified from the supernatant with a silica-based GENECLEAN® procedure using SPIN filters. Eluted DNA is ready for digestion, electrophoresis, PCR and any other desired application.

DNA from fecal samples with the FastDNA™ Spin Kit for Feces. DNA was loaded on a 1.2% agarose gel (0.5X TAE). 1) Lamda HindIII Marker 2) Bovine stool 200ng DNA 3)Equine stool 200ng DNA 4) Feline stool 200ng DNA 5)Avian stool 200ng DNA

Isolate High-Quality DNA from Feces

The FastDNA™ Spin Kit for Feces is the newest addition to the evolving FastDNA™ kit family. Prompted by you, our customer, MP Biomedicals has developed a FastDNA™ Spin Kit designed exclusively for the isolation of genomic DNA from fecal material. With the FastDNA™ Spin Kit for Feces you will have everything you need to quickly and efficiently lyse any fecal sample isolating high quality DNA for immediate use in downstream applications. Used in conjunction with our FastPrep-24™ homogenization system you will be able to completely lyse fecal samples in seconds with no pre-grinding or preparation.

Typical Fecal Sample Recommendations
Sample Name Sample Type Quantity Lysing Matrix FastPrep Speed FastPrep Time
Feces (Wet) Scat 300 mg E 6.0 40 sec
Feces (Dry) Scat 500 mg E 6.0 40 sec
Soil Manure 50 mg E 6.0 2 x 40 sec
FastPrep Kits & Instruments
Purification Kits SKU Free Sample (Availability)
FastDNA™ Kit 116540400 N/A
FastDNA™ Spin Kit 116540600
FastDNA™ Spin Kit for Feces 116570200
FastRNA™ Spin Kit for Microbes 116020050 N/A
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