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Plant samples can be very fibrous and contain high levels of polyphenolic compounds, polysaccharides, and RNases, it can be extremely difficult to extract enough usable DNA, RNA or Protein for PCR analysis and other downstream applications.
Make it easy with FastPrep® Kits!
Extraction Description Characteristics Pack Size Cat. No
FastDNA™ Spin Kit
Purification of genomic DNA from any sample using a silica-binding method
100 preps 116540600
FastDNA-96™ Plant/Seed Kit
High throughput isolation of genomic DNA using a silica-binding method 2 x 96 preps 119696600
FastRNA™ Spin Kit for Plant
Total RNA extraction using a silica binding method 50 preps 116041050
FastGlycoProtein isolation Kit, ConA Resin
purification of glycoproteins through binding to a ConA resin
EA 116550800
FastGlycoProtein isolation Kit, WGA Resin
purification of glycoproteins through binding to a WGA resin EA 116550900
RapidPure DNA Kit - Superior non-chaotropic chemistry
  • Time savings through faster protocols - up to 50μg DNA in just 15min after lysis step
  • Higher DNA yields from precious samples
  • More intact DNA

Description Pack Size Cat. No
RapidPure DNA Plant Kit 50 preps 112712050
RapidPure RNA Kit - Pure RNA without DNase
  • Highly purified RNA for better RT-PCR results - up to 150μg RNA in less than 20 min
  • Selective DNA removal during lysis
  • No DNase digestion required
Description Pack Size Cat. No
RapidPure RNA Plant Kit 50 preps 112722050