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Methanol, protein sequencing grade, 1 L

Methanol, protein sequencing grade, 1 L

SKU: 0215538601

Methyl alcohol; Methyl carbinol
CAS Number:
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Beilstein Registry Number:
EC Number:
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Packaging size:
1 L
SKU 0215538601
Alternate Names Methyl alcohol; Methyl carbinol
Application Notes Methanol is suitable for solid phase protein sequence analysis. Methanol is a widely used polar organic solvent in chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology. It is a common solvent in HPLC and mass spectrometry (MS) of small molecules and of biomolecules such as oligonucleotides and proteins. Industrial applications of methanol include the manufacture of formaldehyde and methyl esters of organic and inorganic acids. Methanol is used as a solvent and solvent adjuvant for polymers, and as a softening agent for pyroxylin plastics.
Auto Ignition 725 °F(Lit.)
Base Catalog Number 15538601
Beilstein Registry Number 1098229
Boiling Point 64.5 °C at 1013.2 hPa (Lit.)
CAS # 67-56-1
Density 0.791 - 0.792 g/cm<sup>3</sup> at 20 °C(Lit.)
EC Number 200-659-6
Flash Point 9 °C / 48.2 °F(Lit.)
Grade Sequencing Grade
Hazard Statements H225-H301-H311-H331-H370
Melting Point -98 °C(Lit.)
Molecular Formula CH3OH
Molecular Weight 32.04
Pack Size 1 L
Personal Protective Equipment Eyeshields, Faceshields, full-face respirator , Gloves, multi-purpose combination respirator cartridge
RTECS Number PC1400000
Safety Symbol GHS02, GHS06, GHS08
Solubility Soluble in water
Usage Statement Unless specified otherwise, MP Biomedical's products are for research or further manufacturing use only, not for direct human use. For more information, please contact our customer service department.
Vapor Density 1.1 (air = 1)(Lit.)
Vapor Pressure 128 hPa at 20 °C(Lit.)