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April 20, 2021

MP Biomedicals launches in EMEA a new addition to its family of FastPrep extraction kit: the MagBeads FastDNA Kit for Feces.

The Molecular Biology group of MP Biomedicals having more than twenty years of experience in the research and development of sample preparation and nucleic acid purification solutions is pleased to announce the release of a new product developed for the isolation of pure DNA from fecal samples and dedicated to microbiome research applications.

The complex content of microbiome specimens can hinder scientists from getting sufficient yield and purity of DNA. With that in mind, MP Biomedicals has focused on optimizing both the sample lysis and the downstream DNA isolation steps. The goal of this new kit development was also to offer a solution suited for high-throughput, automated purification of sequencing-grade DNA.

The MagBeads FastDNA Kit for Feces allows high yield and quick isolation of genomic DNA from fecal samples. It is using magnetic beads technology with high binding capacity and selectivity for genomic DNA to isolate nucleic acids. Highlights include high yield and purity of DNA from various fecal samples. Using the magnetic bead procedure, turnover time is less than 60 min. Furthermore, the kit can be adapted to automated nucleic acid extraction instruments for high throughput processing.

The launch of the MagBeads FastDNA Kit for Feces is part of a new range of purification kits using a unique high-binding magnetic bead technology to advance the rapidly expanding portfolio of highly specialized molecular biology reagents from MP Biomedicals. The company remains committed to serving life science and diagnostics customers to bring innovation and quality products to the research lab, clinical diagnostic laboratories, and biotechnology companies.

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