Endothelial Cell Growth Supplement

Endothelial Cell Growth Supplement

Synonyms ECGS

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Product Description

From Bovine Brain
Lyophilized powder with streptomycin sulfate.
ECGS is a broad culture medium growth supplement containing several growth factors which supports the growth of mammalian vascular endothelial cells and can be used in replacement of cell feeder layers in support of hybridoma clonal growth. It is isolated from bovine brain by a modification of the method of Maciag.
Ref.: Maciag, et al., Proc. Nat'l. Acad. Sci. USA, 76: 5674-5678 (1979).

SKU 02152330-CF
Protein or Enzyme Type Growth Factors
Research Areas Growth Factors Receptors
Storage and Handling Store at 2-8°C.