SPINPrep™ Centrifuge System

SPINPrep™ Centrifuge System

Packaging size: 1 Each

SKU 118000500
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Product Description

The advanced technology of SpinPrep™ Centrifuge System conveniently works with all your current equipment, so you can simply drop in your existing rotors and start spinning. Adaptable design accepts many common rotor types including rotors from Beckman-Coulter without requiring adapters offering the ultimate in convenience, adaptability and cost reduction. SpinPrep™ is the ONLY centrifuge with bidirectional spinning. The secure lid latch provides safety and peace of mind. The large, easy-to-read display makes setup and programming easier. Able to generate up to 15,000 g’s of centripetal force

SKU 118000500
Base Catalog Number 8000500
Dimensions 33.2 X 43.7 X 46.5 cm
Pack Size 1 Each