DNA Extraction Kits

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RapidPure DNA Plant Kit

- DNA is free of polysaccharides and other secondary metabolites - Higher yields than competitors due to longer enzymatic activity during sample lysis - More intact chromosomal DNAdue to less chemical degradation - Often this kit allows DNA isolations from difficult samples, when other kits fail - Ultra pure, ready to use DNA for enhanced performance in sensitive downstream applications - Works also for isolation of bacterial and viral DNA from plant material – here genomic and pathogen DNA will be isolated - Can be coupled with FastPrep® processing for faster, more efficient sample preparation


FastDNA™ Spin Kit for Soil - 50 mL

Complete kit for the isolation of pure DNA from any environmental sample.


FastDNA-96 Soil Microbe DNA Kit

The FastDNA-96™ Soil Microbe DNA Kit quickly and efficiently isolates humic-free, PCR-ready genomic DNA from soil samples in approximately 50 minutes. Gram(+/-) bacteria, fungi, plant and animal tissues, algae, spores and many other members of a soil population including clay, sandy, silty, peaty, chalky, and loamy soils, are efficiently lysed in approximately 60 seconds with the FastPrep-96™ Instrument.


FastDNA™ Spin Kit

Complete kit to isolate DNA from plant and animal tissue, bacteria, yeast, algae and fungi.


FastDNA™ Spin Kit for Soil

Complete kit for the isolation of pure DNA from any environmental sample.


FastDNA-96 Plant/Seed DNA Kit

MPure-12 Reagent Kits - Widest Possible Choice to meet your Research Needs -15 different reagent kits for the purification of DNA and RNA -Purify DNA from Blood, Tissues, Cultured Cells, FFPE, Bacteria, Plant and Forensic samples -Purify Viral/Pathogenic DNA and Total RNA from Serum or Plasma as well as from Swabs -Each kit is designed for 48 preps and pre-packaged for a fully automated set-up and run -Scalability: Sample Volume ranges from 50 to 1000 -L and the Elution Volume ranges from 100 to 200 -L

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