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Sep 23


Sep 23, 2018

Sydney, Austrailia

Oct 01

Société Française de Microbiologie (SFM)

Oct 01, 2018

Paris, France

Oct 16


Oct 16, 2018

San Diego, CA, USA

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About MP Biomedicals:
MP Biomedicals is a global corporation, with headquarters in Santa Ana, California, USA and regional offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia. The corporation manufactures and sells more than 55,000 products. We are one of the few corporations in the industry to offer a comprehensive line of Life Sciences, Fine Chemicals and Diagnostics products. We maintain a vast network of global distributors with ISO-13485 certified diagnostic products facilities in USA (Solon-Ohio, Burlingame-California) and Singapore, as well as a distribution center in Strasbourg, France.
Our Brands
MP Biomedicals' product portfolio comprises one of the most exhaustive lists of time tested brands including Qbiogene, Bio101, Cappel, Genelabs and ICP Bio International. Our products are available in almost all major parts of the world and we continue to expand our portfolio with high quality and innovative products.
About our CEO, Huanjie Wang
Huanjie Wang is the CEO of MP Biomedicals since the acquisition by Valiant Co., LTD, a public listed company in China (2,200 employees with 250 million USD revenue last year) in March 2016. He is dedicating to have a fast development in life science and diagnostics industry and to build a strong company with world first class reputation. This is the beginning of another glorious history!
MP Biomedicals Life Sciences Division

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MP Biomedicals Diagnostics Division - SafTest

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MP Biomedicals Diagnostics Division

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MP Biomedicals Fine Chemicals Division

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