Hat Supplement (50X Solution)

Hat Supplement (50X Solution)

Packaging size: 100 mL

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Product Description

(50X Concentrate)Hypoxanthine 13.61 mg/LAminopterin 2H2O 0.1906 mg/LThymidine 3.876 mg/LSelective for hybridoma cell growth and growth of cells with a functioning HGPRT mechanism. The main application is for the selective growth of hybridoma cells for monoclonal antibody production.

Key Applications

Mammalian Cell Culture

SKU 091680849
Base Catalog Number 1680849
Concentration 50X Concentrate
Formulation Details Liquid
Applications Mammalian Cell Culture
Pack Size 100 mL
Physical Appearance Clear; Colorless Frozen Solution
Storage and Handling Store at -20°C.