Albumin, human, 30% solution, 50 mL

Albumin, human, 30% solution, 50 mL

Synonyms HAS

CAS Number: 70024-90-7

EC Number: 274-272-6

Packaging size: 50 mL

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SKU 08823051
Alternate Names HAS
Application Notes Albumin may be used to eliminate background interference in ELISA's or other enzyme assay systems. It is also used in absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) pharmacological research; cell culture; drug delivery research; and cryopreservation of cells. Human and bovine albumins contain 16% nitrogen and are often used as standards in protein calibration studies. Due to their free hydrophobic region fatty acid free albumins are used to solubilize lipids in tissue culture, and are also used as blocking agents in Western blots or ELISA applications. Globulin free albumins are suitable for use in applications where no other proteins should be present (e.g., electrophoresis).
Base Catalog Number 823051
CAS # 70024-90-7
Concentration 30.0 g/dL
EC Number 274-272-6
Formulation Details Liquid |30 % Solution
Host Human
Isoelectric Point (G/2 = 0.15) 4.7
Applications Immunoblot | ELISA |Mammalian Cell Culture |ADME| Standards
Pack Size 50 mL
pH 7
Physical Appearance Liquid
Presentation Prepared from Fraction V human albumin This solution is supplied at a pH of 7.1. Sodium Azide (preservative) may be added at 0.05% upon opening the product. | Solution
Protein or Enzyme Type Albumins
Purity >96 %
Solubility Soluble in water.
Sterility Sterile
Storage and Handling Store at 2-8°C.