Bovine Gamma Globulins, Fraction II

Bovine Gamma Globulins, Fraction II

Synonyms Bovine γ-Globulin

CAS Number: 9007-83-4

EC Number: 232-706-1

Packaging size: 100 g

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SKU 08820414
Application Notes gamma-Globulin can be used as a co-precipitant in RIA methods employing polyethylene glycol or ammonium sulfate precipitate. Bovine γ-globulin has been used as an immunological challenge in studies of mechanisms of immunotolerance.
Concentration 100%
EC Number 232-706-1
Formulation Details Powder
Applications RIA |Mammalian Cell Culture
Pack Size 100 g
pH 6.7
Physical Appearance Lyophilized
Preparation Method From Bovine Plasma Prepared as Cohn Fraction II
Presentation powder
Protein or Enzyme Type Other Proteins, Enzymes Peptides
Purity 99.3%
Research Areas Blood Proteins
Solubility Soluble in normal saline.
Storage and Handling Store lyophilized at 2-8°C