Neurofilament 68 kDa, purified, 100 µg

Neurofilament 68 kDa, purified, 100 µg

Molecular Weight: 68K

Packaging size: 100 µg

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Product Description

Neurofilaments are the 10 nanometer (10nm) intermediate filaments found specifically in neurons. The subunits of neurofilaments are related structurally to the 10nm or intermediate filaments of other tissues such as the keratin subunits, which make 10nm filaments expressed specifically in epithelia. This is a highly purified protein preparation for use as a high molecular weight marker (68kDa), as a standard, or as an antigen for various research purposes.

Key Applications

Cell Biology Analysis

SKU 08771092
Base Catalog Number 771092
Formulation Details Lyophilized
Isoelectric Point 5
Applications Cell Biology Analysis
Molecular Weight 68K
Pack Size 100 µg
Physical Appearance Lyophilized powder
Protein or Enzyme Type Cytoskeleton Extracellular Matrix Proteins
Purity 0,98
Research Areas Cytoskeletal Signaling||Neurodegenrative Diseases
Source Bovine spinal cord.
Storage and Handling Store at -20°C.