Mouse immunoglobulin reference serum, 1 mL

Mouse immunoglobulin reference serum, 1 mL

Packaging size: 1 mL

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Product Description

This product is pooled from outbred adult male and female ICR/Swiss Webster mice. The immunoglobulin levels, except IgE, are determined by radial immunodiffusion. The IgE level is obtained by addition of monoclonal IgE (Anti-DNP, Code No. 630122).
See Rat and Mouse Immunoglobulin Reference Sera in the Immunobiologicals section for immunoglobulin values.

Key Applications


SKU 08649011
Base Catalog Number 649011
Concentration The Immunoglobulin values are:Isotype:mg/100mlIgM29.0IgA471.0IgG2a207.0IgG2b237.0IgG3106.0IgG1192.0IgE0.2
Applications Immunoassays
Pack Size 1 mL
Protein or Enzyme Type Other Proteins, Enzymes Peptides
Storage and Handling Store at -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles