Rat albumin, fraction V, 50 mg

Rat albumin, fraction V, 50 mg

Packaging size: 50 mg

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Product Description

Product is the lyophilized powder of rat albumin Fraction V and buffer salts

Key Applications


SKU 0855869
Base Catalog Number 55869
Concentration Total Protein: 17.7 mg/ml Volume: 3.0 ml
Formulation Details Lyophilized | Fraction V
Host Rat
Applications Immunoassays
Pack Size 50 mg
Physical Appearance Lyophilized powder
Presentation lyophilized
Product Families Description Purified Fraction V<br>lyophilized
Storage and Handling Store at 2-8°C.
Typical Working Concentration Reconstitute product with 3 ml of deionized or distilled water. Gentle swirling may be used to speed rehydration. Avoid vigorous shaking of the reconstituted material.