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Mar 24 , 2014
“Omics” and its Impact on Ensuring Food Safety and Security at the 7th Annual Peptide and Protein Conference, Dalian, China - MP Biomedicals Highlights

Kumar Bala, Head of Global Marketing for MP Biomedicals, LLC, will be a Session Chair and Speaker at the 7th Annual Peptide and Protein Conference at Dalian, China (April 25-28th). His presentation is titled “Omics” and its Impact on Ensuring Food Safety and Security”  will be presented on April 26th (

Bala will highlight the impact of biotechnology on meeting the needs for increased agricultural productivity arising from population growth. Specifically, he will highlight the impact of how a three-pronged attack, namely combined genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, can help to ensure global food security and safety.

The FastPrep® System for sample preparation and the SafTest™ Platform for food quality analysis are key tools for food science researchers and their capabilities and results will be presented. “The FastPrep® System offers a unique advantage for preparing food samples for various types of downstream analysis. Most recently this system was employed to prepare various grains, nuts and seeds for the detection of mycotoxins. Additionally, the SafTest™ Platform has played a unique role for food quality and biodiesel analysis. These platforms have proven to be excellent tools for food quality analysis for many global customers”, said Milan Panic, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MP Biomedicals.

Sample preparation is critical for downstream analysis of various food types and FastPrep® System is uniquely designed to meet these critical needs. This system easily processes up to 96 samples and offers multiple formats of sample holders. Additionally, we offer lysing matrices that come in multiple formats to process any type of food sample. The SafTest™ Platform has been certified by AOAC and is available in 3 different versions: specifically optimized for Matrix, Oil and Biodiesel analysis. This system enables the analysis of peroxides, free fatty acids, malonaldehydes, alkenals, percent fat, acid number, total, free and bound glycerin using disposable reagent kits.

Information on the FastPrep® System is available at Additionally, information about the SafTest™ Platform is available at You can also visit to gain more information.

MP Biomedicals is a global company that manufactures, markets, and distributes a broad range of products for the life science market, including sample preparation and food quality testing systems; diagnostic kits for the clinical and research markets; and fine chemicals for the industrial market. The company has been in business since 1960.