Screening Algorithm

AABB recommends the dual enzyme immuno assay (EIA) approach for deferral and notification of Anti-HTLV-I/II EIA reactive donors. The #99-9 bulletin listed by the AABB and 21CFR 640.10.e clearly states that reactive unit should be further tested whenever a supplemental (additional, more specific) test has been approved for such use by FDA.

Dual Enzyme EIA Algorithm

AABB Institutional Bulletin 9/1/1999: Dual Enzyme Immuno Assay (EIA) Approach for Deferral and Notification of Anti-HTLV-I/II EIA Reactive Donors
HTLV-I Antibody Testing
Guidance for Industry: Donor Screening for Antibodies to HTLV-II
Stramer et. al. Effectiveness of human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV) recipient tracing (lookback) and the current HTLV-I and -II confirmatory algorithm, 1999 to 2004. Transfusion Complications. 2006; 46:703-707
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