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MP Biomedicals provides you with the complete solution for safe cell culture and great scientific results!

Working with human cell lines requires perfectly aseptic conditions, and often cultures get contaminated by different pathogens. Presence of mycoplasma can literally alter all cellular processes, hence the need for 100% removal.

MP Biomedicals provides you with the fastest and most reliable solutions for mycoplasma identification and removal.



Mycoplasma Stain Kit:

  • Reliable: Hoechst 33258 staining, Tissue Culture Association procedure # 75361
  • Versatile: Detection of mycoplasma and bacteria, yeast, fungi.
  • Rapid: Test performed in less than 2 hours.
  • Complete: Stain, diluent and mounting medium included in the kit

Mycoplasma Removal Agent:

  • Quick: Decontamination done in 7 days
  • Efficient: guaranteed 100% removal
  • Ready-to-use: just dilute 1/20 with your everyday media
  • Also functions as preventive


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