Carlos Infante, Aniela Crespo, Eugenia Zuasti, Marian Ponce, Laura PĂ©rez, Victoria Funes, Gaetano Catanese, Manuel Manchado.
Food Research International. 2006. Vol 39.


  • Key words: S. scombrus, ND5, multiplex-PCR, canned products, authentication
  • Aim of the study: Authentication of Atlantic mackerel in canned products
  • Application: Multiplex-PCR
  • Sample name: Atlantic mackerel Scomber scombrus
  • Sample type: Fish
  • Material: FastPrep-24™ instrument, FastDNA™ Kit containing 2 ml Lysing Matrix A tubes
  • Buffer: Cell Lysis Solution-TC provided with the FastDNA™ Kit

Protocols & Parameters

  1. Add 150 mg of raw or canned muscle sections in 2 ml lysing matrix A tubes
  2. Add 1 ml of CLS-TC buffer
  3. Load tubes in FastPrep-24™ instrument and process 40 sec at speed setting of 5.0
  4. Centrifuge to pellet debris
  5. Performe DNA isolation following FastDNA™ Kit's protocol


  • A multiplex-PCR assay for the authentication of the Atlantic mackerel Scomber scombrus in commercial canned products has been developed using FastPrep-24™ instrument for homogenization and FastDNA™ Kit for purification.
  • The system was assayed using six different canned products labeled as S.scombrus. Positive identification in all samples was observed, revealing this methodology as a potential molecular tool for direct application in the authentication of S. scombrus canned products.