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Lens culinaris agglutinin

Catalog Number: 151542
Lens culinaris agglutinin

Description: Lens culinaris lectin (LCH) is isolated from lentil seeds by affinity chromatography. This lectin has specificity for terminal a-D-Mannosyl and a-D-Glucosyl residues. Lens culinaris lectin has been found to stimulate human lymphocytes in culture to incorporate 3H-Thymidine. Lens culinaris lectin is comprised of two isomers: Lens culinaris hemagglutinin A (LCH-A) and Lens culinaris hemagglutinin B (LCH-B). The two LCH's differ in amino acid content and electrophoretic mobility.

Reconstitution: Reconstitute with Buffer to a concentration of 1mg/ml. Store liquid frozen in aliquots. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles. Clarify by centrifugation. After reconstitution the material is stable for a least 1 year when stored frozen in aliquots with 0.1% sodium azide added as a preservative.

Carbohydrate Specificity: a-Mannose>a-Glucose, N-Acetylglucosamine

Inhibitory Carbohydrate: D -Mannose and D-Glucose. A fucose linked a(1,6) to the core GlcNAc of N-linked glycopeptides is an important determinant for lectin activity.

Activity: 50-200 mg/ml will agglutinate type O human eryhrocytes. 2-5 mg/ml will agglutinate neuraminidase treated cells.

Buffer: 0.05M Tris, 0.15M NaCI, pH 7.0-7.2

Note: Addition of mM concentrations of Mn+2 and Ca+2 may be added to the Buffer to enhance hemagglutination.


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