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Mar 28

Forum Labo Paris 2017

Mar 28, 2017

Paris, France

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MP Biomedicals is Distributor of chemical compounds and equipment for life sciences research and production.MP Biomedicals Provides product support information and online catalog.These are all for our valuable customers to identify and specify our products of their research or laboroatory interests and needs.

The additional support information will help you to know how purified and high quality products we have and accelerate your research needs for many of lifesciences research and production.

MP Biomedicals Life Sciences Division
Toll Free Tel: 1 800.854.0530
Tel:1 440.337.1200
(For Spanish Use 1 440.201.7404)
Toll Free Fax:1 800.334.6999
Fax: 1 440.337.1180
MP Biomedicals Diagnostics Division
Toll Free Tel:1 800.854.0530
Tel:1 949.833.2500
Toll Free Fax:1 800.334.6999
Fax:1 440.337.1180
MP Biomedicals Diagnostics Division - SafTest
Toll Free Tel:1 800.848.1163
Toll Free Fax: 1 440.337.1265
MP Biomedicals Fine Chemicals Division
Toll Free Tel: 1 877.672.2436
Tel:1 949.833.2500
Fax:1 949.859.5010