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Career Opportunities
MP Biomedicals is a global company with a multicultural and multinational workplace. At MP Biomedicals, you will be challenged and empowered to achieve your best. We strive to provide an exciting work environment with excellent growth prospects.

Job Details

Designation: Biochemistry Product Manager
Department: Marketing
Location: Ohio - Solon
Salary: TBD

The Senior Product Manager drives product leadership within our life science division focused on biochemical products like, buffers, electrophoresis products, molecular biology and cell culture reagents. This role will leverage our brand and deliver compelling and innovative marketing solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations. In this position, the Senior Product Manager will focus on bringing value proposition, and market/customer insight to drive the development and revenue of world class products and work closely together with the Fine Chemical division on delivering biochemical bulk sales to the market



Detailed responsibilities include but are not limited to:

·         Identify, analyze and articulates market insight, customer needs, buying preferences and value proposition effectively, for target segments that drives successful development and delivery of products and services.

·         Formulate marketing plan to reach revenue plan for the biochemicals product, support growth of the product lines and increase market share

·         Provide guidance to marketing communications group on mailing lists, media selection and other advertising and promotion activities, maintain marketing collateral, develop trainings,

·         Planning, forecasting and managing worldwide pricing, product demand and business analysis, including revenue, margin, average unit pricing, and market share.

·         Collaborate in the development of long-term portfolio planning and develops strategic price-setting strategies and product roadmaps for platform and product development.

·         Leverage brand/category strengths and market insight to drive technology investment choices, platform/product development options and strategic pricing for category success.

·         Drive development of product and platform roadmaps that successfully merge customer needs (articulated and latent), and customer requirements with technology developments for category success.

·         Produce and drive credible WW market-based forecasts. Sizes market opportunities and profit pools for new product development.

·         Provide valuable insight to the product generation process and ensures successful preparation of products for launch into the marketplace

·         Produce comprehensive, effective and actionable product plans.

·         Utilize customer and competitive knowledge to drive differentiated product positioning for a product line or platform, and smooth transition of new product in the in-market portfolio.

·         Identify, establish, and manage strategic partnerships, including relationships with customers, suppliers, and industry opinion leaders.

·         Work collaboratively with other MP Biomedicals divisions responsible for related products, as well as R&D, program management, marketing and manufacturing



               Bachelor’s degree in an applicable discipline with strong analytical skills and a general knowledge base of biological sciences. An MBA would be preferred.


               5-8 years’ experience in a similar product management, marketing, or business development role including experience in product line management, strategic marketing, and operations management.


               Strong customer focus, with a demonstrated track record of successful customer interactions.


               Experience with qualitative and quantitative market research tools, including user-centered innovation, market surveys, conjoint analysis and needs-based or behavioural segmentation.


               Strong communication (written and verbal), interpersonal, relationship building, analytical, project management and planning skills are necessary to be successful in this position.


               Experience in Product Management for Consumer Products is an advantage highly desirable.

  • Proven ability to identify strategic opportunities, set aggressive objectives, and drive key business priorities.
Company : MP Biomedicals
Job code : 113
Posted on : 2015-06-10